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Low-Level Light Therapy/

Infrared Light Therapy

An innovative form of therapy that uses specific wavelengths of light to promote healing and pain relief in the body. This therapy has been gaining popularity in recent years and has shown promising results in several areas of medicine. Read on to learn more about the benefits of low-level light therapy using wavelengths of 630 nm, 660 nm, and 850 nm.

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Non-Invasive Relief

Efficient, Innovative, & Promising.

Low-level light therapy or far infrared using wavelengths of 630 nm, 660 nm, and 850 nm has a wide range of benefits for the body. It can relieve pain, accelerate the healing process, improve skin health, reduce inflammation, and is a non-invasive form of therapy. It is an innovative and promising treatment option for a variety of conditions and is definitely worth considering for anyone looking for a gentler, non-invasive form of therapy.

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