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Evox Therapy is a type of bioelectronic medicine developed by ZYTO, a company specializing in digital health and wellness technology. It is a non-invasive and painless therapy that uses advanced technology to assess and improve the communication between the body and the brain. It measure the frequencies of your voice through affirmation statements and corrects your mind's perception.


How it Helps

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Transform Your Health with Perception Reframing using Evox Therapy

The therapy involves placing hand sensors on the skin which sends signals to the body and the brain. The body's response to these signals is then captured and analyzed by the Evox software to determine areas of stress, tension, or imbalance in the body. Based on this information, the therapist can then use a range of techniques, including sound, light, and vibration, to help balance and optimize the body's energy system and communication pathways between the body and the brain.

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