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My Natural Doctor, led by Dr. Carol Hoekstra ND, has been dedicated to supporting healthy lifestyles since 2013. Our approach goes beyond addressing symptoms and focuses on

the root of the problem.

Our five main services, including tailored wellness programs, office visits, hands-on therapies, self-serve therapies, and therapeutic massages, are aimed at bringing balance to all three aspects of the human being - spirit, soul, and body. With professional-grade supplements, natural therapies, and high-tech programs, we guide you on a path to optimal health and wellness.


Achieving wellness is a journey, not just an event.


Our team teaches you how to identify and address the root cause of dis-ease and bring the body to its optimum state, typically taking 6 weeks to get out of stress, 6 months to become stable, and 1-3 years for optimum health. 5-years if it has been chronic. 

There was a path to dis-ease and there is a path to wellness.

Introducing our updated affordable program for all new clients

Dr. Carol & Ari will be announcing the start of our affordable program for all new clients. We launched this a month ago, but this is a great opportunity to bring a friend, family member that may wonder how we conduct our assessments as well as the services that we offer. Just by attending or watching this class via Facebook live, you have the opportunity to get a complimentary initial and follow-up visit! ($305 value) 



SORCE Essential Oils

My Natural Doctor is proud to announce our partnership with Sorce Essential Oils by Pure Vitality to provide you with the highest resonating Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

“Dr. Carol has really helped me physically and emotionally. I was referred to her from my mother who lives in Ludington.  I came to see Carol after a recent injury. She helped to detox my body and my soul. She helped me to let go of some emotional baggage that helped me heal physically as well.  The foot bath detox and emotional release are two of the services she offers that I have come to live by. ” 


Zoe Renee, New York, New York - Creative Director & Fashion Stylist of UnZIP Magazine

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Dr Carol Hoekstra ND Profile Pic.jpeg

Dr. Carol Hoekstra ND

Doctor of Naturopathy (Board Certified)
Certified Nutritional Counselor
Master Herbalist
Licensed Massage Therapist
BioEnergetic Certified Technician
Essential Oils Trainer/Teacher 


2007-2009 C.A.R.E. (Center for Aromatherapy  Research and Education) Raindrop Technician, Emotional Release Facilitator

2013 Licensed Massage Therapist

2014 Certified Reflexologist

2013-2014 Certified Health Specialist

2013-2015 Certified Nutritional Counselor

2013-2015 Master Herbalist

2013-2017 ND (Doctor of Naturopathy)

2017 PSc.D (Doctor of Pastoral Science & Medicine)


2011 Ionic Detox Technician

2014 Certified Voice Analysis Technician

2014-2015 Level 1 Certified BioEnergetic Technician

2015 Level 2 Certified BioEnergetic Technician


Did You Know?

Two-thirds of the World Rely Upon Herbs For their Healing Functions!

They don’t know they are practicing “Alternative Medicine,” they just do it naturally. Similarly, our farmers sixty years ago were all organic farmers, producing organic crops, they didn’t know they were organic farmers, they just did it naturally. There are about six to eight individuals in the world that naturally live 120 to 150 years of age with no senior ailments within their last 20 years of life. WHY are none of these individuals here in our country? They use herbs for their medicine and natural alternative theories to stay well, fit and healthy.

Our Equipment & Product Lines

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Natural Supplements & Products

Find a variety of natural health supplements, health & beauty products, and even self-care detox products to help you feel better throughout the day. 

Interested in Something More Natural?

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Non-life threatening emergencies (Such as bladder pain, tick bite, injury, etc) can call or text (231) 425 - HOPE, email, or submit this form.

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